My 6 Makeup Must Haves For Busy Days!

Simple Makeup Tips For Those Busy Days!

Every girl knows what those days are like …

Wake up in a rush, maybe young kids or pets already calling for your attention… you quickly rush through the morning.  Coffee , shower  …. breakfast …. get dressed hair & makeup! …  maybe not in that order 😉

So makeup … oh gosh makeup!

If you’re anything like me, you go to your “essentials.”

What are your essentials by the way?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you just can’t live without!

For me it’s Botanical Foundation, Blush, Powder, Eyeliner, Mascara & Lipstick or Gloss.  If I have extra time then …. Hello Eye Shadow & Eyebrows! 😀  But on those busy days it’s just these 6 items … I alternate with the lips … either a gloss or sheer lipstick.

Here is a picture of my everyday Must Have Makeup Items!

simple makeup

Simple Makeup Tips …. Keep It Neutral

If there’s one thing I have learned over the years it’s that neutral makeup is a must on days when I’m in a rush.  It will match anything I decide to wear and is fast and simple!

I need to do the 5 minute makeup challenge!  Lord knows I have done it before, just never on camera, so perhaps that will be my challenge this week!

Simple Makeup Must Haves!

This is the order in which I like to apply my makeup on days when I’m in a rush:

#1  Apply Foundation quickly and evenly.  The fastest way I have learned is using either a beauty blender or a nice buffing foundation brush.

#2 I powder with a colorless powder all over to remove any shine.

#3 I apply blush to the apples of my cheeks and blend till it looks nice smooth & even.

#4 Sweep eyeliner across my lids close to the lash line or a dark shadow that acts as a liner 😉

#5 Mascara!  No explanation needed, mascara is like the cherry on top & only takes a few seconds.

#6 Last but not least…. LIPS!  There are so many lip products to choose from these days, but when I’m in a rush I want something that is easy, feels good on my lips and gives just a hint of color.  So my favorite are a sheer lipsticks or a clear gloss.

Below are my Favorite Limelight Sheer Lipsticks Shades

They are odorless, tasteless, & have a moisturizing feel almost like a lip balm!

Colors in order below:  FemFire, Prim & Proper, & Plum Luck


They are “layer-able” so you can go from very sheer to a deeper color all in one tube!

Limelight Sheer Lipsticks

Life is too short to spend hours applying makeup. So having a makeup routine that requires less time means more time for you! And look amazing living it!

Until next time xo

~Lori Willis

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Lori Willis