What Is Limelight

Be part of Something Amazing!

 Once in a lifetime a company comes along and changes

the face of direct sales!  Be part of something big!

Alcone is a renowned makeup store in New York. They have been selling professional quality makeup and skincare to celebrity makeup artists for 65+ years. They have a STELLAR reputation. Now you can represent one of the classiest beauty businesses around!



We are women from all walks of like all waiting to support and encourage you!


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This business isn’t for everyone … and direct sales isn’t for everyone either … but it may be for you! 

It may be that one thing you have been looking for, whether you are retired and need extra income or a stay at home mom like me and want something fun to do from home … or perhaps you work full time or part time and want a way to retire yourself or add to your monthly income.

The sky is the limit, & you set your goals.  Want to chat before signing up?

Reach out to me here on Facebook and we can even chat over the phone if you message me, we can schedule a time!

Talk to you soon!

<3 ~Lori