Facebook Live With Me & My Special Guests

Facebook Live Video’s

So as this year progressed and Facebook came out with new features I couldn’t help but notice that Facebook Live was apparently the new “thing” to do when it came to sharing exciting info, life moments & hey even makeup!

I’ll admit I was pretty resistant to doing my first Facebook Live video but pretty soon … my kids were hopping on with me and wanting to be in “mommy’s videos” too! 😉

So if you’d like to be friends on Facebook and you enjoy Facebook live video’s then reach out to me! And let’s be friends 😉  You may even catch a glimpse of my “special guests” aka as my kiddo’s.  Hey who said you can’t be a full time mom and work full time from home too!

Here’s a Few of my video’s with my crazy and funny little girl … we always love to play with makeup and anything girly! Here we tried a Barbie Look !



~Lori & Noelle

aka “mommy & me”