Koko Lashes Review - My First Impression

Koko Lashes Review

So I just got my very first sets of Koko Lashes!  I first saw them on Instagram and I was looking to try lashes that many beauty guru’s and or makeup artists love and I came across Koko Lashes.

They have a large variety of them and you can see them here… where I bought them at LadyMoss .Com …  this post isn’t affiliated in any way or sponsored by Koko Lashes or Lady Moss … just to be clear 😉

I simply wanted to share with you, what I bought and how I liked them!

Each set was $6.99 plus tax and shipping

Koko Lashes Review

Koko Lashes Review


Koko Lashes Review Video I Made 🙂

I found the lashes GORGEOUS and very easy to apply, the only downside for me was that after a few hours I could feel they were heavy on my eye and I had to take them off.  But for the purposes of what I do, which is makeup tutorials, selfies, etc… they were perfect for my needs!  Definitely worth the $6.99 in my opinion!  Also they are all hand made .

Thanks for taking the time to read my post today

Koko Lashes Review xoxo


Lori Willis

Lori Willis