Why I Left Younique & Why I Am Blown Away by Limelight!

I have had so many messages this past few months about Why I left Younique after reaching Orange Status with them.

I wrote one article and made a video about it here if you would like to read and see that.

I don’t want this article to be a “bash fest” about Younique but just share my experience etc… However I do want to answer the questions that I have gotten and give honest answers.  In truth I think they are both great companies and I have lots of friends in both companies so with that being said, for me the decision came down to a few things.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why did you leave Younique?

This is the question I get the most … I resigned to become a Founding LimeLight Beauty Guide.  There are only approx 3000+ Beauty Guides total at this time and I saw the opportunity to be with a ground floor company such as Limelight by Alcone as a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Everyone knows that those that get in early and build a team fast & train and help their team to do the same, have the potential to make very good income!

Second reason was I was not 100% in LOVE with Younique’s Products … I found that they were getting increasingly harder to sell as you can find eBay and Amazon saturated with them (yes some are fakes, but some are also the real products) … Facebook had also exploded with many many many new presenters and I wasn’t getting the repeat customers.  I do have friends who are getting the repeat customers, however my customers were not coming back over and over.

Third reason was the compensation plan.  The way it is structured you will lose money when you recruit someone who hits a certain level and you have to re-build over and over and over more Green Status Presenters along with new ones to keep advancing & getting paid on your downline.  You can read my full article about the compensation plan here.

Why do you think Limelight’s Compensation Plan is better?

I lived the Younique compensation plan for almost 2 years and it got VERY hard to help more ladies reach Green Status and above and once they did, the pay was not much, unless they had very high personal sales … this is in comparison to Limelights Compensation Plan.

With Limelight I am earning what I earned as a Green Status Presenter at only their 3rd tier of promotions and with 1/3rd the volume and team!  Why is this?  It’s because Limelight has a 5 tier Fast Start Bonus program, that includes Free Product, Free Marketing Materials, & Free Cash you can earn PLUS they will match that bonus!  So for example if I recruit someone into Limelight and they hit fast start … I as their sponsor will get that fast start bonus matched to me!  This bonus will continue on until you earn up to $800 in free product.  After that you will continue to earn the Cash Bonuses 🙂

Another factor was that Limelight has what is called “Strategic Placement Restructuring”  Their comp plan is not a binary however.  So once anyone reaches Star Director or above we have the capability to place team members under other team members. ..So we truly are working to build our teams up for each other!

There are also 3 levels of Car Bonuses where you can use the cash either $500, $750, or $1000 depending on which you qualify for, for ANY car of your choice or you can just keep the cash bonus.

Another reason:  you can earn up to 35% commission without having to build a huge team! Where as Younique you could earn up to 36% but only if you reached Black Status…Less than 1% of all Younique presenters are Black Status.  So I like the option of having my team earn more and have these perks and not have to be at the top of the company to earn them.

Next reason is the Products!  Limelight is owned by Alcone Co.  they have been distributing makeup for Professional artists since the 1950’s! I also liked the price point of the products!  They have a fiber mascara that is only $14 dollars and I have had more repeat sales of this mascara! Oh and speaking of Alcone Co. when you become a beauty guide you get a 15% off discount on anything on their site as a personal perk 😀 They have hundreds of items available!

I am a licensed cosmetologist and makeup artist and after using the Limelight Makeup Line … I have never looked back!


I have a growing team of new Beauty Guides and would love to answer any questions you may have!  If you have any other questions for me I would be happy to answer those! Contact Me Here or On one of my links below. xo


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~Lori Willis

Lori Willis