LimeLight In Canada! LimeLight By Alcone Is Going International

LimeLight In Canada … Get Ready We’re Going International!


LimeLight In Canada!? Yep you heard me right!  And that’s not the only country!

Scroll down to the bottom to see tentative dates as to where and when we are going. 😉

So yesterday … January 30th  2018 our CEO Michele Mallardi-Gay made an epic announcement with the news that LimeLight … soon to be LimeLife will be launching into the global arena beginning this year! (As early as March 1st into Canada.)

There are no exact dates at this time but only (tentative dates.)  The company wants to make sure that everything is running as smooth as possible and exact dates will be released about 2 weeks prior to launching into a new country, but we have very close approximations and those dates are listed below.

LimeLight opened it’s doors three years ago and since then, so many women have been waiting and waiting for the day that LimeLight by Alcone goes international and it looks like that wish is coming true this year.  The company will be launching into Canada beginning in March with what they are calling a Phase 1 launch.

So Who Can Recruit New Beauty Guides In Canada?

If you are a current Beauty Guide with LimeLight and are a Founding Member, A Lead Director or above, or a Beauty Guide who lives in the country that is launching (but are a US Citizen or hold duel citizenship) you can recruit into the new country during the Phase 1 launch.

After the phase 1 launch, the” Open Launch” begins and Star Beauty Guides or above, & Beauty Guides with a Lifetime PRV of $5000 or more may enroll new beauty guides in the launching country.

Of course if you enroll as a Beauty Guide in the new country you are free to enroll and sell 🙂



LimeLight In Canada Launch Information

Phase 1 Tentative Date is March 1st and 2nd Phase is April 2nd

During Phase 1 kinks will be worked out and starter kits may have both LimeLight and LimeLife branded items (the company is having to transition names due to a copyright) this is considered to be our “Beta Launch Phase”  It will be 4 weeks or one month long and then Phase 2 of the launch will begin.

New country launches will then begin every month there after!  Can you say Global Domination!?

Here are the countries and tentative dates they are launching:

United Kingdom – May 1st

Germany and France – June 1st

Brazil & Spain – September 4th

Australia, Netherlands, & Belgium – October 2nd

The company will then take a break from new country launches during the Holiday months and then begin again in 2019 with plans to launch into Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, South Korea, Columbia, Argentina, Chile, and the rest of Europe!

I’ve been in touch with a few ladies from Mexico, Canada & the UK who are gearing up to get started soon, let’s bring LimeLight In Canada  & Internationally together!

Wishing You all of the success you deserve xoxo


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