Limelight Little Black Box

Limelight Little Black Box was introduced yesterday! And is now on the shelves and ready to purchase!  This adorable little black box is a super versatile makeup box, that allows you to have all of your makeup favorites in one place!

Limelight Little Black Box Limelight Little Black Box Limelight Little Black Box



The LimeLight Little Black Box is this adorable magnetized double-layer palette that is kind of magical. It takes an incredible amount of makeup and organizes it beautifully into two sturdy, trays.

Complete with a removable second layer and mirror, it really does make life so much easier.

Each tray can fit:

6 Botanical Foundations or,

6 Perfect Blushes or,

24 Perfect Eyeshadows

Or you can mix and match with combinations like:

5 Foundation + 4 Concealers

4 Foundation + 8 Concealers

3 Blush + 8 Eyeshadows

2 Blush + 12 Eyeshadows

1 Blush + 16 Eyeshadows

All in this Little (Black) Box!  See what we mean about it being magical?

I just finished purchasing mine and will do an unboxing video for you all, as soon as I get it!  It retails for $38 and for a limited time is available with FREE shipping in a 15 business day shipping window.

I can’t wait to get mine and show it to you all, and do a Limelight Little Black Box Review !

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