Younique Compensation Plan - Everything You Need To Know!

Younique Compensation Plan – Can You Make Good Money? An Insider’s Story.

You NEED to understand how you get paid before signing up with Younique … so read this post to get all the information.  Here is the Compensation Chart and Explanation, 
and a FEW key words to know on your ROYALTIES chart: 

1. PRS = personal retail volume
2.COMPANY WHOLESALE SALES (CWS) – amount your ENTIRE downline (including your sales) sells in any given month. This amount is 75% of retail. But do not worry, you don’t need to be doing math the chart in your ROYALTIES charts it for you, this will be in your Website Back Office.

3. QUALIFIED 1st LEVEL Presenters – $125 in PRS for that month is the amount needed to be considered qualified. Do not confuse this with the $125 for 3 rolling months to be “active”. A qualified 1st level is your personally sponsored OR a presenter who has rolled up to your first level from their sponsor being inactive. 

4. CIRCLE SALES – The amount your team will need in order to qualify for GREEN levels and above. Circle sales are the amount that is remaining AFTER your GREEN’s break off into generations. When you read about the colors below, you will understand this more. This can include your own sales as well. 

Circle = Generation
5. QUALIFIED 1st GENERATION ELITES – this is your 1st presenter in a given leg (whether it is personally enrolled or levels deep) that have hit GREEN status. (explanation below)
younique compensation plan


 younique compensation plan
The requirements above you will find in your office on your website under ROYALTIES. The ROYALTY chart is what you follow along as you are going for your promotions EACH month. In sales, the month always starts over on the 1st. As your team grows, so will your monthly team volume so that will help you each month you get closer to the next level.

This chart graphs it along the way for you so you can see where you stand in your monthly progress. The second chart ROYALTIES program is the amount of commission you will earn on each level. 

Younique Compensation Plan – Here are the BASICS:
WHITE – This is where every presenter starts. You earn 20% on every sale you have starting out….including your own personal sales (paid approximately every 3.5 hours after a sale). Once you reach $1000 accumulative you are then considered YELLOW level.

YELLOW – You will need $1000 in Lifetime personal retail sales (PRS) which is accumulative month to month so you may get to $1000 in a week or 3 months. Once you have $1000, you then are paid 25% on your PRS for a LIFETIME. You will never go below 25% on your retail sales. Every month, every presenter starts back over at yellow.

PINK – You need at least $250 in PRS, one person on your 1st line (personally sponsored or rolled up) that sells $125 (which is considered qualified). Your entire team needs to sell $2000 company wholesale. You earn 25% on your personal sales but also 3% on your company wholesale amount (The 3% is paid in a lump sum for the whole month on the 8th of the follow month). 

BLUE – $250 in PRS, 2 on your 1st line (personally sponsored or rolled up) that sell $125 each (qualified) and $4000 in company wholesale. You earn 25% on your PRS and 4% on your company wholesale amount (The 4% is paid in a lump sum for the whole month on the 8th of the follow month). 

Younique Compensation Plan FAQ:

Once you hit PINK you earn commission on your downline… it starts at 3% of your entire team and you must have $2000 in retail sales.  If you reached this minimum you would earn a $60 dollar bonus when you hit Pink Status.  I’ve seen LOTS of girls reach this status once and then never hit it again.  So in my opinion the compensation plan should pay out more here, because $60 of bonus pay is not much for the effort I’ve seem most ladies put in at this point. 

Your recognized status will never go down once you reach it.  However, your “paid as” status resets at the beginning of the month.  The only exception is that once you hit YELLOW, you never go back to WHITE. 

How do I get my commissions? – PAYQUICKER
You receive your commission in your very own Younique PayQuicker account.  

The first time you earn commissions you’ll receive an email with directions on how to set up your PayQuicker account.  PayQuicker is an online bank account.

You can transfer money to another bank account or request a check.  You can also transfer money to anyone else with a PayQuicker account. The amount to transfer is $0.50 every time but that is the only fee. I transfer once a month, however if you need the $$ immediately either use your Y-Card or transfer to your bank! So here is what the Younique Debit Card Looks Like.


get paid
Once you reach $50 in commission, PayQuicker will send you a Younque Debit Card.  You can use your debit card to pay for most anything, but DON’T use it at gas pumps / stations … you’ll have to pay inside to do that … and use it as a credit card (NOT a debit card with a pin- there are transaction fees that apply when you use it as a debit). 

Active status is for the presenter…this is $125 in PRS for a rolling 3 months. If the presenter doesn’t reach this, they will then go inactive. You have 3 months to contact support and have your account reactivated. If this happens you will then have a month to get the 125 or it will happen again. If you do not get the account back active you will be terminated as a presenter. If you are terminate and wish to come back, you will have to re-join and you will have lost any of your downline as they rolled up to the next active sponsor. 

Want to make more money with Younique? Then you’ll have to get to Green status!  I’ve seen ladies do it in one month and some work years and have still not reached it.  But if you are ambitious and want to go for it then here is the low down.

 Green Status is the first level of leadership with Younique.

You hit GREEN with $10,000 in company volume, (ALL the presenters on your team) then at least $2000 in circle volume (circle is what is left over in sales once any other Elite’s have “broken away” from you ) and 3 qualified 1st level presenters (presenters you personally sponsored or that rolled up to your top line that have all sold a minimum of $125).   

How Much Will A Green Status Elite Earn (Minimum)

Most Elite Green Status presenters who sell the minimum of $500 and then have team sales of the minimum required, which is $10,000 get paid $125 in instant commissions … plus $50 in the extra 5% bonus for Elite commissions at 30% (Green and Up) and then the 5% on the team bonus so that is $500 …. the total pay for that month if you hit Green Elite with minimum requirements would be ($675) that equals to $168.75 a week. 

So let’s say you hit Green Status, what’s next? ….

Orange, Purple, and Black Statuses

These can only be achieved by promoting GREEN Level Presenters in your downline.

The rest of the comp plan will not apply to you, until you are a Green Status Presenter or above.  You won’t get paid on anyone below you that goes Green Elite or above until you do… they will “break away” and you can’t get paid on the break away’s until you are Green Status or above.

Once you have reached Green Status, it is then time to really learn the ins and outs of this compensation plan.

The details of each Status level requirements are below: 

GREEN – $500 in PRS and $10,000 in company wholesale sales (this includes you and your entire team) and 3 qualified team members ( ea $125). You earn 30% PRS, and 5% on your circle sales. If you have someone on your 1st generation turn green you then earn 3% on their circle sales. You are required to have $2000 CIRCLE wholesale sales. This amount includes all your 1st line and their down lines that HAVE not hit green. If someone on your team hits GREEN they are still included in your COMPANY sales ($10k) BUT they then become their own generation and come out of your CIRCLE sales. You are then paid on them and their team as your 1st Generation. You DO get paid on every single person on your team they are either in your CIRCLE sales OR your GENERATION sales. Green is considered Leadership level.  

ORANGE – $500 in PRS, $20,000 in company sales, 3 qualified 1st level, $4000 in circle sales AND one 1st generation GREEN. You are paid 30% on your PRS, 5% on your circle sales (this is the amount of everyone that hasn’t broken off under a GREEN), 3% on your 1st generation greens and 4% on your 2nd generations greens. A 2nd generation green is a green under your 1st gen. Hopefully you will have multiple 2nd generations under your 1st gen, otherwise at Orange you will actually get paid LESS than if you had stayed at Green Status … until you build more.  

PURPLE – $500 PRS, $40,000 company sales, 4 1st level qualified presenters, 2 1st generation GREENs and $6000 circle sales. You then earn 30% on your own PRS / Personal Retail Sales, 6% on your circle, 3% on 1st generation greens, and 4% on second generation greens… this looks pretty good right?  But remember to get paid as purple you have to have 2 Elites! And 40K in total team sales along with $6000 in “circle sales” that is sales of you and everyone else on your team that is not an Elite …. so it’s important to continue to build always.  

What do you need to reach Black Status ?

BLACK – $500 PRS, $80,000 company sales, 4 1st line qualified presenters, 4 1st generation GREENS and $10,000 in circle sales. You earn 30% on PRS, 6% on your circle, 3% on our 1st line green generation, 4% on your 2nd line green generation and 5% on your 3rd line green generation. Third line is the biggest part of your tree SO this is where you will start to see LARGE commissions.

Younique has said they are releasing 3 new levels within Black Status, the first up is the Car Bonus!! See the following graph for a breakdown of the qualifications needed to earn the $750 a month & $2500 initial bonus to “Youniquify” your car.  

The comp plan is referenced as a “hybrid uni-level breakaway comp plan.   

You can make good income with this company, but understand you will need to sell and recruit to see the bigger money… and have your ladies or gents do the same and aim for Green to Black Status.

This concludes my Younique Compensation Plan Post

PS: I am no longer a presenter with Younique but am now with Limelight by Alcone 

I Wish You All The Success You Deserve!


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