Younique vs Limelight Compensation Plan Breakdowns

Younique vs Limelight Comp Plan & Company Differences

Younique vs Limelight here is some info 🙂

Company Comp Plan Charts:

Limelight Chart

younique vs limelight

Younique Chart


younique vs limelight

Younique vs Limelight Comp Plan Breakdown…

In this article I will be doing my best to give you an idea of the two compensations plans and some of their similarities and some of their differences.

Younique vs Limelight Earning on Commissions:

Younique: 20%- 30% based on your status rank (your first $1,000 you will earn 20%)

LimeLight: 20-35% based on your sales and/or team volume (your first $1000 you will earn  20%)

after the first $1000 you can earn up to 35% commission on your own personal sales.

Younique vs Limelight Monthly Sales Requirements:

Younique: Get 20% and then 25% after your first $1,000 (must maintain a minimum of $125 in sales every rolling 3 months)

LimeLight: No sales requirements to be paid the base 20%.  (Must sell $1,000 first in order to unlock the ability to earn an additional 5-15% on your sales! And team group volume)

Younique vs Limelight Earning on your Downline:

You start to earn on your downline starting at PINK Status … Here is a breakdown of the different color levels and what you would earn at each level:

Pink 3% (0% on anyone in your downline who has promoted to Green or higher)

Blue 4% (0% on anyone in your downline who has promoted to Green or higher)

Green 5% (But only 3% on any team in your downline who has promoted to Green or higher and 0% on any Greens or higher below them)

Orange 5% (But only 3% on any team in your downline who has promoted to Green or higher and 4% on any Greens or higher below them and 0% on any Greens or higher below that.)

Purple 6% (But only 3% on any team in your downline who has promoted to Green or higher and 4% on any Greens or higher below them and 0% on any Greens or higher below that.)

Black 6% (But only 3% on any team in your downline who has promoted to Green or higher and 4% on any Greens or higher below them and 5% on any Greens or higher under them and 0% on any Greens or higher below that.)

*So to sum it all up …. every status rank will unlock a new level you can earn on, However, if you start having greens level up 3 and 4 deep in your downline, you will lose MASSIVE amounts of money.

With LimeLight

Earn 5% on anyone you enroll (available after your first $300 sales)


Level one- 3%

Level two- 3%

Level three- 3%

Level four- 3%

IN ADDITION once you reach the top 3 ranks:

an extra 2-3% on leaders that pop up under you.

*If people under you promote faster than you, you are never penalized, you earn what your rank provides you, no matter what.


Younique: NONE

LimeLight: Once you become an official Beauty Guide ($1,000 cumulative sales) anyone you bring into your team, you will be MATCHED their first $1,000 in sales and paid on it as if they were your own sales. For example, you sell $500, your new recruit sells $500, that means you get paid as if you sold $1,000.


Younique: Consistency Bonuses for maintaining a Green or above rank *announced in March*

LimeLight: On-going Unlimited Rank Bonuses these are the “Car Bonuses” however you can just take the cash too! 🙂

Rank #4= $500 MONTHLY 

Rank #5= $750 MONTHLY 

Rank #6= $1,000 MONTHLY 



$500 monthly sales and $80,000 in team sales ($10,000 has to come from people outside of the leaders)


$300 monthly sales and $100,000 in team sales

How Many Presenters In Each Company:

Younique: has 300,000+ Presenters

LimeLight has 3000+ Beauty Guides


Younique: YES

LimeLight: Not yet but they will branch out to other countries when the company is ready.


Younique: Must be a Pink Status with $2,000 in team wholesale/”company” sales (approximately $2,700 in retail team sales)

LimeLight: Earn 5% on your personally enrolled with your first $300 in sales, and earn an additional 3% on your first line after your first $1,000 in sales.


Younique: Five Facial products from $39-$69 (not certified cruelty-free, not organic, not harsh chemical free)

LimeLight: Full Skincare line for face and body, $24-$84 100% natural, Leaping-Bunny certified (certified cruelty free) and contains some certified organic ingredients.


Younique Starter Kit: $99 (many products are sample-sized or single-use sample “cards”)

Kit Contents as of January 2017

younique new starter kit

  • Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+
  • Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette 4
  • Angled Shadow/Sponge Brush
  • Splurge Cream Shadow – Extravagant
  • Cream Shadow Brush
  • Splash Liquid Lipstick – Sentimental
  • Younique branded, purple faux-leather make-up organizer bag
  • Moodstruck Lip Exfoliator
  • Royalty Time Correcting Night Cream
  • Royalty Detoxifying Mask Sample Sachet (3)
  • Royalty Instant Lifting Serum Samples 2 tubes/each with 3ml
  • Royalty Shine Cleansing Cloths
  • Moodstruck Precision Lip Liner Pencil – Peachy
  • Moodstruck Precision Eyeliner Pencil – Proper
  • Presenter Kit Organizer Bag
  • Presenter Kit Organizer Box
  • White Status Presenter Charm
  • Touch Foundation Sample Card
  • Presenter Guide
  • Younique Catalog
  • Zen Print Promotion Card
  • Presenter Tablet
  • LimeLight Kit Cost: $169 (all products are full-size) Quote from the site:

“Our Basic Starter Kit is a requirement to join LimeLight. It gives you a sampling of products to get you started, but it also gives you important training materials and access to our back office software. We offer the following three basic starter kits based on your complexion. Pick the kit that best describes your complexion, because the best way to launch your business is to start wearing the product! Once you join, you can purchase additional products at wholesale. Please note the images below are just a representation. Starter kit contents may change with items of equal or greater value in an effort to enhance your business.”


Each Starter Kit contains: 1 Cleanser, 1 Masque, 1 Moisturizer, 1 Must Dew, 1 Perfect Mascara, 1 Blenderful, 1 Enduring Lip Liner, 1 Enduring Lip Color, 1 Signature Jeweled Lip Gloss, 2 Botanical Foundations, 2 Complete Concealers, 3 Pressed Powders, 10 Catalogs, and Training Materials.


Younique: 14-day Money Back Guarantee

Younique Return Policy Here.

LimeLight:  30-day money-back guarantee

LimeLight Return Policy Here. 


Younique: NONE (but you must maintain $125 in sales every rolling three months)

LimeLight: $9.95 monthly website fee (no minimum sales requirements)


Younique: $5.50 Flat Rate (free shipping on orders over $100)

LimeLight: $5.95 Flat-Rate and has extra expedited shipping options as well


Younique: $250 product credit when you achieve $2,000 in sales and sign up 3 people in your first 90 days.

LimeLight: 5 different bonuses that you can reach in your first 40-100 days to earn up to $800 in cash and product credit (AND these bonuses are partially MATCHED to the enroller!) You can read about the fast start program here.


Younique: NONE

LimeLight: After 4 months in business, you can take a month off and be paid an average of your monthly pay.

STRATEGIC PLACEMENT: Helping our teams build! 🙂

Younique: NONE

LimeLight: After you reach STAR rank, anyone who you personally enroll can be moved within your downline in the first 30 days … to help for promotions, and you still maintain ALL enroller bonuses, regardless of where they are placed.  


Younique: NONE

LimeLight: $75 payable on your sign up anniversary … for example if you signed up in January this year, you won’t be charged the $75 until January of next year.


Younique: Approximately three years old

LimeLight: Base company Alcone has been around 65+ years, and the LimeLight Direct Sales branch, about a year.

All of the information provided here is correct as of December 2016.

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